Anonymous: maya what happened? 

Just life problems 😭 but I’m feeling a bit better now, that was just me being a drama queen at 12am 😂

Anonymous: did u make the youtube video yet? 

not yet! I’m really busy right now, I’ll hopefully have it up in a week or so :) And if I don’t have time to make a video (I probably will), I’ll definately make a blog post about it!

Anonymous: I do graphics... I need photoshop but it's only letting me do a 30 day trial :( 

Are the torrents not working?? :O

Anonymous: how'd you find your photoshop torrent? I need to edit my pictures c: 

Do you have a macbook pro w/ retina display as well? I found the torrent on the kickass torrents, it’s called “Adobe CS6 Master Collection (Mac) Including retina”, however if you don’t have a mac w/ retina display, there are many more torrents on The pirate bay, if you just search up “photoshop cs6 mac” :)

Anonymous: fotor is a great editing program! 

I’ve never heard of it!! I’m already downloading photoshop , it’s the program I’m the most comfortable with :) thanks for the suggestion though!

Anonymous: What camera do you use 

canon rebel t3i :)